Portland Reclaiming Upcoming Events Presents:

Bridgid & Elements of Magic


At Imbolc, we celebrate the Goddess Bridgid as we explore the Sacred Elements of Magic:  

Brigid, the Poet, we invoke Air and Inspiration

Brigid of the Forge, we invoke Fire and Creativity

Brigid of the Well, we invoke Water and Healing

In the season of mid-Winter, we connect down deep into the Earth

The Goddess, Bridgid, guides us

With Bridgid as our guide, we forge our relationships with the Sacred Elements of Life and Magic.  Our weekend will culminate with the community Imbolc ritual!

Elements of Magic is the introductory core class of the Reclaiming Tradition of magic and witchcraft and is prerequisite to the other core classes.  In this experiential class we will we will deepen our connection with: ritual, creating sacred space, trance work, sensing energy, directing life-force and more - becoming familiar with Reclaiming culture and magic.  Adults of all genders, orientations and people of diverse life experience are warmly welcomed!  We call to beginning students: those seeking community, language and a forum for magical exploration.

*We call to those on the path who seek to deepen their relationship with the Sacred Elements, magic, ritual and meet with like-hearted others. *

When: Saturday Jan. 30th 10am - 6pm & Sunday Jan. 31st, 10am - 4pm

Where: Portland Eastside (specific location tbd)

Cost: $125 - $250 sliding scale (some financial aid available, ask at time of registration)        

Contact: Kristen kristen@deeperrelationshipcoaching.com or 206.427.3768

Register: To register online, click here

(pre-registration is necessary)

Dawn Isidora has been a priestess in the Reclaiming Tradition for nigh on thirty years. She lives and works in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood of Portland, Oregon as a spiritual mentor and teaches Earth-based spirituality internationally. More at: DawnIsidora.com.

Kristen Rawson is a transgender activist, relationship coach, teacher, and artist. She has been teaching people how to overcome distress patterns and become more embodied and present since 2006. She is a member of the queer, poly, and transgender communities and loves working with people of all genders, sexualities and abilities. More at: DeeperRelationshipCoaching.com